Android Mouse and Keyboard

Android Mouse and Keyboard 3.0

Convert your phone into a remote wireless mouse, keyboard and more

The best remote Android mouse and keyboard out there in the Market. AndroMouse converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. Connection with your computer is made either using your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse also features speech-to-type which uses Google speech recognition to make your work easier (speech-to-type not supported in lite version)

- Great for presentations.
- Free wireless mouse and keyboard.
- Great for working outdoors.
- Great for partys.
- Great for typing your document when you are relaxing in your bed(who cares)
- Great everywhere.

Relax in your bed and search YouTube with your voice or search Google or anything..

Mouse features:
- Tap click
- Double tap to double click
- Scroll with your two fingers (multi-touch)
- Easy dragging
- Right click
- Auto IP detection

Keyboard features:
- Standard keyboard
- Function and special keys
- Ability to hold alt, ctrl and shift for combination keys

Numpad features:
- Numpad with multi-functional keys
- Numlock

Other features:
- Connect using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- Both landscape and portrait screen orientation
- Easy connection

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Android Mouse and Keyboard


Android Mouse and Keyboard 3.0

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